What car problems create weird smells?

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What car problems create weird smells?

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

What car problems create weird smells?Out of all the ways to determine that your car is experiencing trouble, such as using your eyes and ears, it is smells that are often the most overlooked. Smells are a surefire way of figuring out that your car is in need of service, so if you catch a whiff of something that just doesn't seem right be sure to schedule an appointment with your local auto repair shop. The following are some common problems that will produce unwanted smells.

Mold in the AC/heater vents

If mold begins to grow in the heater or AC vents of your vehicle you'll likely begin to smell something like dirty laundry or a gym bag. This issue can often be resolved by turning the heaters on full blast and leaving them on for several minutes in order to dry out the vents and kill the mold.

Oil leak

Can you smell oil? Well, it's coming from somewhere. Oil leak scan either be inside the engine, which would cause the oil to burn up, or external, at which point you could see oil collecting on the ground. If it is the former it generally results in your vehicle producing blue exhaust smoke as well.

Coolant leak

A maple syrup sort of smell is often the result of a coolant leak. Coolant, which is the fluid that flows through the engine in order to help keep the engine operating temperature regulated, is often a bright green color. If it is burned inside the engine it may cause your exhaust to appear very white.

Worn clutch

Do you remember learning to drive a stick shift? The smell of the clutch burning as your learned to accelerate out of first gear was likely very prominent. If this smell begins to become a regular occurrence, even after mastering the stick shift, it means it is probably time for a clutch repair or adjustment.

Fuel leak

You should never be able to smell gasoline, unless you're at the gas station. If you do it is a smart idea to get to an auto shop for further diagnostics. A smell of gas could indicate a fuel leak from the tank, injectors or elsewhere in the fuel system.

If you've caught a whiff of a weird smell while driving don't hesitate to schedule auto repair. For professional auto diagnostics in Corona visit Precision Import Auto Repairs. We specialize in European auto repair but happily service all makes and models. We'll quickly figure out what's causing that smell and get you back on your way in no time. Give our Corona auto repair shop a call at (951) 734-0795 to schedule an appointment or to request a quote.

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ