Why won't my car start?

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Why won't my car start?

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

When it comes to vehicle problems few things are as disheartening as turning the key and the vehicle not turning on. Today's vehicles are extremely complex, which means there are many, many things that could prevent them from starting. However, depending on the symptoms that you're experiencing in your vehicle a professional technician will likely be able to figure out rather quickly what the issue is. The following are some of the most common problems that will prevent a car from starting.

Electrical problem

The electrical system in your vehicle is large and it has some very important jobs, many which have to do with getting your car started and keeping it running. The following components may prevent your engine from roaring should they experience trouble.

  • Ignition - When you turn the key in the ignition it basically creates an electrical pathway that initiates the starting process. If the ignition switch breaks, becomes corroded or experiences some other issue the vehicle will not be able to start.
  • Starter - When the key is turned an electrical current is sent to the starter motor, which basically gets the engine spinning to create the compression necessary to keep it running. A failed starter will produce a loud clicking noise when you turn the key.
  • Alternator - The alternator is what creates electricity while the vehicle is running. A failed alternator will eventually cause the battery to be drained of the reserve power, resulting in a car that won't start.
  • Spark Plugs - The spark plugs are fed an electrical charge that ignites the air and fuel mixture. If they become corroded, mis-gapped or corroded they won't be able to fire and the engine will not be able to start, or it will at least run very poorly.
  • Battery - A dead battery is a very common cause of a vehicle not starting. Batteries generally have a lifespan of 2 to 5 years but may die if lights are left on or a door is ajar.

Fuel Delivery Problem

Another integral system for getting a car going and keeping it going is the fuel system. There are a few key components that may give you trouble starting if they're having issues.

  • Fuel Pump - The fuel pump's purpose is to pump gas from the tank to the engine. A failed fuel pump will starve the engine of gas, preventing it from running.
  • Fuel Filter - If the fuel filter becomes clogged the engine will run very poorly or not at all. This is often a quick and inexpensive fix.
  • Fuel Injectors - Clogged fuel injectors can also prevent the engine from getting the gas it needs.

If your car is giving you any trouble starting be sure to seek the assistance of an auto repair shop that staffs ASE certified technicians. If your car won't start in Corona you'll want to talk to the pros at Precision Import Auto Repairs. We offer excellent service for all makes and models, with a special interest in European vehicles. Give us a call at (951) 734-0795 to schedule an appointment for expert auto maintenance in Corona today!

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ