Common Symptoms your Vehicle is Due for Cooling System Repair

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Common Symptoms your Vehicle is Due for Cooling System Repair

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The cooling system is designed to regulate the operating temperature of the engine so that it does not quite literally melt itself from the inside. Soon after you start your vehicle the engine heats up to extremely hot temperatures. If the cooling system were to fail you would be facing numerous overheating problems, which can include blown head gaskets and cracked engine blocks. In order to avoid these and other serious problems be sure to pay attention for any signs of cooling system failure so that you can make an appointment with your local auto repair shop right away.

Rising Temperature Gauge

It is important to always take note of the information that is being presented on your dashboard. One of the gauges is the engine temperature gauge. If you ever notice the needle on this gauge rising into the hot zone you will want to pull over as soon as you can to avoid letting the motor get any hotter.

Low Coolant Levels

On occasion be sure to check all the fluid levels in your vehicle with the motor is cold, including the coolant. If it is found that the coolant is low there is a good chance that there is either an external or internal coolant leak. If it is the latter you will likely notice the following symptom of trouble as well.

White Exhaust Smoke

White exhaust smoke is often a clear indication that coolant is being burnt up inside the engine. There is a good chance that more extensive engine repair will be necessary in order to correct this issue.

Steaming Hood

If white smoke or steam ever starts coming out from under the hood then chances are that your vehicle is overheating. Pull over and contact your mechanic about how to address this issue. They may recommend a tow truck or simply have you drive the vehicle to the nearest repair center.

Visible Coolant Leak

Have you found a green liquid collecting under your vehicle. Unfortunately you have just discovered a coolant leak. This is a major issue as a lack of coolant will prevent your vehicle from being able to properly cool the engine.

Never hesitate to have cooling system trouble resolved. For professional cooling system or radiator repair in Corona or the surrounding area you can count on the team at Precision Import Auto Repairs to ensure your car gets back on the road in reliable condition. We offer all types of auto repairs for all makes and models. Call us at (951) 734-0795 to schedule expert auto repair in Corona today!

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ