Do I need Engine Repair? 4 Signs that Say Yes!

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Do I need Engine Repair? 4 Signs that Say Yes!

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Motor vehicle engines come in many different sizes and have wildly different performance based on many factors, such as the displacement of the engine, the number of cylinders and other aspects. However, you're going to get horrible performance no matter what sort of engine is in your vehicle if it isn't provided the necessary auto maintenance it requires. While neglecting your vehicle of auto maintenance is a major no no, general wear and tear from high mileage will also lead to a need for engine repair. If your vehicle is suffering from any of the following issues be sure to get to an auto repair shop right away.

Increased Exhaust Smoke

A common sign of internal engine problems will come in the form of excessive exhaust smoke. You can often tell what sort of problem the motor is suffering from based on the color of the smoke. Black exhaust is an indication that there is too much gasoline being burnt, which can not only greatly decrease your fuel efficiency, but raise the operating temperature of the engine, thus leading to other problems. White exhaust smoke is a clear sign of cooling system failure, which is allowing the antifreeze to be burnt up in the combustion chamber. This will eventually lead to overheating issues. If your car is producing blue smoke it means there is an oil leak inside the motor and oil is being burnt up. Improper engine lubrication will quickly lead to massive engine failure.

Engine Knocking

If your motor is producing a knocking noise that rises and falls with the vehicle RPMs there is a good chance that it has worn engine bearings. These bearings are what the moving parts of the motor rest on and should they seize up you'll be facing catastrophic engine damage that will require a complete rebuild or a replacement.

Decreased Performance

A sure sign of engine trouble will also come in the form of decreased performance. You may find you vehicle struggling for power or notice a sharp drop in miles per gallon. Both of these issues can be caused by numerous problems so be sure to have a professional mechanic come up with a legitimate diagnosis.

Check Engine Light

When the check engine light comes on do not delay heading to a repair facility to find out what the issue is. The longer you wait the worse the problem will get. This means what was a relatively small issue will likely turn into a much larger repair.

At the first sign of engine trouble make an appointment with a professional mechanic to get it resolved, before it gets worse. For expert engine repair in Corona bring your import or domestic vehicle to Precision Import Auto Repairs. Our team will quickly identify the issue, get it repaired and have you back on the road in no time. Give us a call today at (951) 734-0795 to make an appointment for superior auto repair in Corona!

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ