The Major Signs of Fuel Pump Failure

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The Major Signs of Fuel Pump Failure

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Without gasoline your vehicle is unable to produce the spark that is necessary to pump the pistons to create the power necessary to turn your wheels. The fuel pump is what gets the gas from the tank to the engine for it to be mixed with air and combusted. If the fuel pump is unable to perform properly one or more of the following signs of fuel pump trouble will occur. Ultimately a bad fuel pump will result in no gas getting to the engine, meaning you're not going anywhere! So pay attention to these troubling symptoms!

Slow Acceleration

One of the earliest signs of fuel pump trouble is a loss of power during acceleration. As you accelerate awkward noises, sputtering, jerking and other issues may make it seem like the vehicle is going to stall, then suddenly it will begin to accelerate as normal.

Power Surge

One interesting issue that can be caused by a fuel pump on it's way out is a power surge. This can happen while cruising down the street and it will seem as if your car begins to accelerate without stepping on the gas pedal. This is caused by excessive amounts of fuel being let through by the pump, which can be very dangerous and cause speed and control issues.

High Speed Jerking

On the other hand you may experience jerking, which is another common sign of trouble of a tired fuel pump. As you drive at higher speeds a car that is acting normal may suddenly begin to jerk or sputter because it is struggling to receive fuel from the pump. Within about a mile the issue usually subsides, for the time being at least.

Stalling, No Starting

A fuel pump that has completely failed will cause your car to stall while driving and you will no longer be able to start the vehicle because it will be starved for gasoline.

Don't let yourself end up stranded because you can't get fuel to your engine. Pay attention to the signs of trouble and head to the auto repair shop right away! If you need fuel pump repair in Corona bring your foreign or domestic vehicle to Precision Import Auto Repair to have the issue resolved. We work on all makes and models of vehicles and our technicians can solve any problem your car, truck or SUV is having! When you need quality auto repair in Corona call (951) 734-0795 and schedule an appointment with Precision Import Auto Repair today!

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ