4 Signs it is Time for Manual Transmission Repair

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4 Signs it is Time for Manual Transmission Repair

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Manual transmissions are very intricate pieces of machinery that require regular maintenance and good driving habits in order to have a long road life. However, high mileage can lead to failed transmission parts, thus resulting in a need for transmission repair as well. Knowing the signs of manual transmission failure will help ensure you don't find yourself stuck on the road unable to shift, but instead dialing the assistance of a qualified mechanic who can take care of the trouble. Here are 4 signs your manual transmission needs repair.

Burning Clutch Smell

Often associated with someone learning how to drive a stick shift, the smell of a burning clutch can be overwhelming. However, if you're a veteran of driving a manual transmission car this smell should not ever be present under normal conditions. If it is you likely need to replace the clutch or need a clutch adjustment.

Grinding Gears

A common sign of manual transmission trouble is gears grinding while you shift. Along with the grinding noise one might feel a shaking sensation or a vibration coming from the hand shifter or clutch pedal.

Transmission Pops out of Gear

The transmission in your car should never just fall out of a driving gear while cruising or accelerating. Most commonly a transmission that is experiencing trouble will pop out of 1st gear during acceleration from a stop. This could indicate a transmission fluid leak which may require installing new seals, gaskets and other items in order to stop the leak.

Transmission Fluid Leak

You may notice a transmission leak before noticing any other symptoms. Transmission fluid is generally a red color and will accumulate in a puddle underneath the passenger cabin of the vehicle, right below the transmission. If you find this fluid it is a sure sign you need to repair, rebuild or replace your manual transmission.

Always pay attention to the service schedule in your vehicle's owner's manual to find out when you should bring your car or truck in for scheduled transmission maintenance, so you don't end up needing larger repairs. If you do need transmission repair in Corona head to Precision Import Auto Repairs. Our team will tackle the trouble and have you on your way in no time. We offer a long list of auto maintenance services for most cars and trucks on the road today. Give us a call at (951) 734-0795 to request an appointment for expert auto repair in Corona for your import or domestic car, truck or SUV.

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ