4 Known Late Model Mercedes E Class Problems

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4 Known Late Model Mercedes E Class Problems

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

The Mercedes Benz E Class has been part of the Mercedes lineup since the 1993 model year and has long been a great seller. However after years on the road there are several repetitive issues that have surfaced on the late model versions of these vehicles. These problems which often occur on some of the earlier years of these cars are both major mechanical and safety concerns so be sure to pay attention for these common E class problems. If you experience any of them find a qualified European auto repair shop to take care of the issue!

Failed Air Pump Relays

On vehicles equipped with an airmatic pump that helps maintain ride height drivers should be aware of the possibility of a sticky relay, which causes the pump motor to constantly be running. If the relay sticks it will cause the battery to drain while the vehicle is off, resulting in a dead battery.

Leaking Differential

In high mileage E350s it has been noticed that they tend to develop leaks from the differential seals and cover. By following the scheduled maintenance services for the differential, including fluid flushes, these leaks can often be prevented.

Poor Brake Pressure

If your vehicle is equipped with sensotronic brake control (SBC) be sure to bring your car to the repair shop right away if the SBC light on the dash turns on. If it illuminates the brakes need be checked out right away by a qualified Mercedes mechanic because if this system is failing or has failed it will only provide very limited brake pressure to the front brakes. The means it will take an increased amount of distance to bring the vehicle to a halt, which can be exceedingly dangerous in certain situations.

Cracking Thrust Link Bushings

These bushing are part of the front suspension and are designed to reduce vibration from normal vehicle movement. These bearings are full of a special oil and they have been known to wear down and crack, allowing the oil to leak out. The busted bushings will cause excessive suspension play, creating a bouncy ride and accelerated tire wear.

If you drive a Mercedes E class be sure to keep a lookout for these issues. By following a maintenance schedule these problems can often be prevented! If you need Mercedes repair in Corona bring your car to Precision Import Auto Repairs. Our talented European auto mechanics can tackle any issue with your Mercedes, Porsche, BMW or other fine European vehicle. Call Precision Import Auto Repairs today at (951) 734-0795 to schedule an appointment for quality European auto repair in Corona.

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ