Smart Driving Tips to Increase MPGs

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Smart Driving Tips to Increase MPGs

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Summer is a time that many people find themselves covering more miles around town an over the country, compared to the rest of the year. Little league sports, trips to the water, area hiking and many other things put people behind the wheel more often this time of the year. So as we move through summer it is important to consider your vehicle's health and how you drive it. Proper auto maintenance is crucial to ensuring the best fuel economy possible, but they way you drive also plays a major role in it your vehicle's efficiency. As you hit the road this summer be sure to practice these gas saving driving tips!

Watch your Speed

While posted speed limits are the law it's not hard to catch yourself cruising a couple miles per hour over, especially when on the freeway. Most vehicle's they hit their peak fuel economy around 55 miles per hour and for every every 5 miles an hour over that you lose 3 to 4 miles per gallon, or more! So not only is following the speed limit safe and the law, it can help you save copious amounts of fuel!

Avoid Hard Maneuvering

If you drive aggressively you're likely to lose upwards of 30 percent of your car's potential fuel economy! This means lay off the accelerator and avoid situations where you'll need to brake hard. Your vehicle uses the most gas while accelerating in order to bring your car up to speed, but doing so at a reasonable pace will save you gas, money and won't put you behind schedule! Leave the 0-60 MPH tests for the track!

Don't Haul Cargo on the Roof

When you place cargo, such as car carriers, on your roof it increases the wind resistance of your vehicle, which brings fuel economy down as your car fights the wind. This is especially true if you plan to use one of those overhead boxes for a long trip. A blunt storage container can drop fuel efficiency by as much as 25 percent at highway speeds! Before buying a rooftop carrier see if you can find a rear mount one, which will only drop MPGs by no more than 5 percent.

Avoid Long Idling

What's the best way to get zero miles per gallon? Turning on your vehicle and not going anywhere. For most cars and trucks about a half gallon of gas is lost for every hour of idling, this includes in the driveway, at red lights and so on.

Driving smart will help promote better gas mileage, as will completing scheduled auto maintenance. If your car is due for scheduled services don't put them off if you want to keep your vehicle healthy. For superior auto maintenance in Corona head to Precision Import Auto Repairs. We take care of all scheduled services, as well as complete complex repairs. Give us a call (951) 734-0795 to request expert auto repair in Corona completed by professional technicians.

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ