My car is having weird electrical issues, is there an auto electrician?

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My car is having weird electrical issues, is there an auto electrician?

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All vehicles utilize electricity to operate, not just Teslas and other hybrids. Your gas powered vehicle uses electricity to conduct a number of operations, including getting the engine running and keeping it pumping. If you find yourself experience strange electrical issues you're going to need a professional technician who is skilled in auto electric repair. The following are some of the more common auto electric issues you may come across.

Stuck relay

To prevent electrical parts from being used when they don't need to be there are relays placed within their circuits to regulate the flow of the electric current. If one of these relays was to become stuck in the "on" position it would likely result in 2 different problems. First, the part for which the relay is on will probably burn out and need to be repaired or replaced. Second, this issue can cause the battery to die, as it will continue sending electricity to that part, even when the car is turned off.

Starter motor replacement

The starter is an electric motor that is tasked with getting the engine moving in order to create the necessary compression to initiate combustion. If the starter were to fail your vehicle would be unable to start. When a starter begins to fail you will often hear a loud click or series of clicks when you try to start your car.

Alternator replacement

The alternator is what creates the electricity used by the car when the motor is running. Extra power created is stored in the battery to help with start the car and to run electrical components when the car is not on. If the alternator is failing you will often experience dim headlights or other electrical issues, including failing accessories such as power windows.

Blown fuse

Fuses are used in electrical circuits to prevent excessive amounts of current from flowing through the system. If too much electricity does make it into the circuit the fuse will blow, thus disrupting the circuit causing the parts of that system to stop working. If your radio goes silent or if all your blinkers decide to retire early than good chance there is a fuse blew.

Dead battery

Car batteries will usually last between 2-5 years, depending on the quality. However they can also die if lights are left on or if a doors is ajar for extended periods of time, due to the fact it causes interior lights to come on. In these scenarios the battery will probably just needs to be jumped started, which will allow for it to recharge.

If you experience electrical issues with your car head to Precision Import Auto Repairs for expert auto electric repair in Corona. We specialize in European auto repair but happily service domestic and Asian vehicles as well. Call us today at (951) 734-0795 to schedule an appointment for quality auto repair in Corona!

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ