Does my car need a wheel alignment?

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Does my car need a wheel alignment?

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

When a car rolls off the assembly line it is designed to drive straight as an arrow with little effort. However after many miles of service or following a some sort of collision you may find your car drifting to one side or the other. This generally means that your car is out of alignment. Poor wheel alignment can occur for many reasons, including general wear and tear or a run-in with a curb or pot hole. In order to restore the driveability of your vehicle you will want to have a wheel alignment conducted by a professional auto shop as soon as you notice any of these signs of bad wheel alignment.

Shaky steering wheel

If there is an alignment problem it means that your vehicle's tires are pointing in different directions. This means that the steering wheel will try to direct the vehicle in separate directions as well, thus causing the wheel to shake back and forth.


Another surefire sign of alignment trouble is your vehicle veering or pulling. You may notice soft pulling, which occurs if there is a minor problem, or hard pulling, which is much more obvious and happens when alignment is very bad. Soft pulling generally isn't detectable unless you have a light grip on the wheel which allows your car's tires to take control of the direction of travel, thus letting it drift to one side or the other. Hard pulling likely means that you will have to fight with the steering wheel to keep the car driving straight.

Off center steering wheel

If the logo on your steering wheel is off center when driving straight and the steering wheel has never been removed there is a good chance that there is an alignment problem. The logo on the steering wheel should always be perfectly aligned.

Uneven tire wear

If you suspect some sort of trouble with the alignment be sure to take a peek at your vehicle's tires. The tire tread should wear the same on each tire that is directly across from each other. If two tires on the same axis are wearing differently there's a good chance that you've confirmed your suspicions about poor alignment.

Alignment trouble that causes your car to drift is dangerous, as it poses threats to your ability to properly control the car. If you need a wheel alignment in Corona head to precision Import Auto Repairs. Our team will restore the driveability of your car in a very quick manner. We also complete all sorts of other auto repair services for your import or domestic vehicle. Give us a call at (951) 734-0795 to request an appointment for superior auto maintenance in Corona today!

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ