Top 4 Reasons to Change Your Oil Regularly

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Top 4 Reasons to Change Your Oil Regularly

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Oil changes are no doubt important, but do you know why? Because engine oil provides the much needed lubrication between moving parts in the motor it is absolutely necessary to change your oil per your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations in order to ensure a long and healthy road life for your car, truck or SUV. Remember these four reasons to change your oil the next time you think, "Oh, the oil change can wait."

Engine Lubrication

As mentioned, engine oil provides the necessary lubrication for moving engine parts that prevents metal on metal contact that could eventually cause major engine damage. If the technician changing the oil notices metal flakes in it, it means there has not been sufficient lubrication and your motor may need repair.

Remove Sludge

Dirt and dust can make it's way into the engine as it operates, contaminating the engine oil. As the oil picks up this debris it turns the oil to a muddy sludge-like substance, making it harder for the engine to work and reducing your miles per gallon. An oil change removes this sludge from the car, thus restoring performance.

Change the Oil Filter

Generally when the oil is change the oil filter gets changed as well. The oil filter helps trap the debris and contaminants that makes their way into the oil stream, but as they get caught in the filter it plugs it up. Running a vehicle with a clogged oil filter could lead to oil starvation, which will result in harsh metal on metal friction.

Regulate Engine Temperature

Fresh oil is engineered to help regulate engine temperature, but as it ages and collects moisture and dirt it loses its ability to do so. If your engine is allowed to run to hot you run the risk of overheating, which could cause major engine damage.

Make sure you change your oil on time, every time to ensure that your car remains reliable and roadworthy. For a fast, affordable oil change in Corona bring your vehicle to Precision Import Auto Repairs on Yorba Street. We offer complete auto maintenance and repair, specializing in European vehicles, but we happily service most other makes and models. To schedule an appointment for auto maintenance in Corona call our team at (951) 734-0795 today!

Precision Import Auto Repairs Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ