3 Symptoms of Suspension Problems in Norwalk, CA

3 Symptoms of Suspension Problems

Symptoms of Suspension ProblemsThe suspension does a lot more than provide a comfortable ride, it helps us glide safely over the road. It absorbs the shock from bumps and cracks (hence the name shock absorber!) and keeps our vehicle upright. If you begin to experience issues that could be related to failing suspension it is important to have them repaired. Look out for these signs you need suspension repair and be sure to get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible by a qualified auto repair expert.


While probably the least common sign of suspension issues, trouble braking may not actually be a brake part problem. The suspension ensure effective braking by keeping all four wheels on the ground at all times. If you have issues braking while traveling on bumping roads or while cornering the suspension may not be doing it's job and allowing a wheel to rise slightly off the ground, lowering the effectiveness of the braking system.

Bumpy or Stiff Ride

Bad suspension can cause a ride to be excessively bumpy or it can be extremely stiff. It depends on the type of suspension and which part fails. If your ride causes you to hit your head on the ceiling when you go over a bump it is probably time for suspension repair.


The anti-sway bar helps keep your vehicle from tipping over while going around sharp corners by shifting the vehicle's center of gravity. If you begin to experience a heavy leaning sensation during cornering it is time to make an appointment to have the issue fixed before your vehicle is flipped.

Good suspension is necessary for a safe and comfortable ride and repairs should not be put off. For professional suspension repair in Corona contact the certified mechanics at Precision Import Auto Repairs. Our technicians will test drive your vehicle and identify exactly what is wrong so we can get your car back on the road in a fast and affordable manner. When you need expert suspension or other auto repair in Corona make an appointment with Precision Import Auto Repairs by calling (951) 338-9463 today. We service European, Asian and domestic vehicles!

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