Auto Maintenance Services You Should Not Overlook

Auto Maintenance Services You Should Not Overlook

Auto Maintenance Services You Should Not OverlookWhen it comes to factory auto maintenance it is important that you complete all of the services listed in the service schedule printed inside your car's owner's manual. If you put off, or rather forget, to complete these services you are likely to end up with a vehicle in great distress and in need of fixing. The following are a few commonly neglected auto maintenance services that most vehicles require.

Timing Belt

If your car or truck uses a timing belt it is crucial that you have it replaced on time. If the belt wears out due to excessive mileage and snaps it is going to result in major engine trouble, likely requiring an engine rebuild or replacement.

Power Steering Flush

Has your steering wheel become difficult to turn? Could it be that you forgot to have a routine power steering service completed? Dirty power steering fluid can result in damage to components of the steering system, preventing you from being able to properly control your vehicle.

Filter Replacements

Two of the most important filters in your vehicle are the air filter and fuel filter. The fuel filter prevents contaminants in the gas from getting into your engine, and the air filter does the same for the air pulled into the motor. Dirty filters can hinder performance and fuel economy.

Battery Services

It is a smart idea to have your battery checked bi-annually, usually during oil changes in the early spring or fall. This will prevent you from ending up with a dead battery that needs to be replaced.

Transmission Service

Dirty transmission fluid can cause rough or delayed shifting and eventually the car won't be able to shift at all. Transmission service involves replacing the transmission fluid and filter, if it has one, as well as cleaning the pan and installing a new transmission pan gasket.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignments need to be conducted to keep the vehicle driving straight down the road. General wear and tear can throw off alignment, causing your car to drift to one side or the other.

Brake Checks

Just because you aren't experiencing problems braking it is necessary that you have your brakes checked and maintained at the mileage indicators in your owner's manual service schedule. If you don't you may could find yourself having trouble coming to a stop.

Be sure to check your owner's manual to see when your vehicle is due for scheduled auto maintenance. If it is time for factory auto maintenance in Corona head to Precision Import Auto Repairs. We service all makes and models at our full service auto maintenance and repair shop. Give us a call at (951) 338-9463 to schedule an appointment for expert auto maintenance in Corona today for any car or truck.

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