Customer Reviews of Precision Import Auto Repair in Corona, CA

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Customer Reviews of Precision Import Auto Repair in Corona, CA

Customer Reviews of Precision Import Auto Repair in Corona, CAWhen searching for an honest auto repair shop it is important to find out about the experiences of past customers, as they are the ones with true first hand knowledge of how the business operates. These reviews from Precision Import Auto Repair are from real customers who have used the services of our shop in the 12 months. We wanted to share them with you not because we want to brag, but because we want to highlight how important customer service is to our team. Not only do we want your car to run great, we want you leave happy! Here's what just a few of our hundreds of satisfied customers have to say.

I had a great experience at Precision. They diagnosed my problem, keep me informed about my car, worked with my extended warranty company and completed the repair for a reasonable price and in reasonable time. A big thank you to Mike and his team! - Bryan B.

Excellent family owned car repair, friendly and honest. They stand by their work. - Jim B.

The customer service here is EXCEPTIONAL. I was given excellent service and my car wasn't even in the shop yet. Michael spoke to me for thirty minutes helping me understand a sticky situation that another auto repair shop put me in. Michael genuinely cared about my situation and helped me feel confident to fight the unjust behavior of another shop. I'd definitely trust my car in this shop. - Maliya G.

Great alternative to dealerships for European cars. Michael is a thorough and helpful gentleman with a knowledgeable team of mechanics. - Azhar S.

Great work on my fleet and the customer service is excellent. I've been going here for quite a few years now for my service vehicle fleet and my Audi as well. They treat you right and the prices are extremely fair. - Owner of Chapman Electric

Precision Import is very dependable & honest--I highly recommend them! - Joe R.

You've got to be one grumpy or negative person to give this place any less than 4 stars. These guys are very reasonable, honest and have a tremendous amount of integrity. Those three qualities are the top 3 most difficult qualities to find at MOST auto repair shops. Enough said. Quality work, good prices and I walk away not feeling screwed everytime. Highly recommended! - Tony Y.

Love this place and the employees here. Great people and great service. Highly recommend - Frankie G.

Great bunch of friendly and reliable people. Fast and efficient work with awesome prices. I think I have found my permanent source for any auto repair needs I have. - Chris M.

We strive to be honest, dependable and affordable and we'd love to prove it to you. If you need auto repair in Corona don't take our word for it, take our customers'! To schedule auto maintenance or auto repair in Corona give our friendly team a call at (951) 734-0795 and we'll be happy to help.

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Customer Reviews of Precision Import Auto Repair in Corona, CA
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