3 Sign Your Car Needs Exhaust Repair

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3 Sign Your Car Needs Exhaust Repair

Automotive exhaust leaks are bad for your car, but they can be even more dangerous to your personal health. Your car's exhaust smoke contains poisonous gases, and if a leak allowed for them to make their way into the passenger cabin through heater or AC vents or otherwise you would put yourself at risk of death. Carbon monoxide is difficult to detect as it has no color or smell. Always pay attention for these signs that indicate your vehicle is suffering from an exhaust leak. If you have the slightest inkling that your car's exhaust system is not operating as it should be sure to make an appointment for diagnostic work as soon as possible.

Decreased MPGs

An exhaust leak may decrease fuel efficiency by 2 MPGs or more! This will occur because the leak can alter the readings taken by the O2 sensor, which reads oxygen levels in the exhaust in order to help generate the proper air/fuel mixture. Incorrect readings could cause the motor to burn excessive amounts of gas. Since there are many things that can reduce your fuel efficiency it is always a good idea to have the problem diagnosed if you notice a drop.

Gas Pedal Vibrations

Another common sign of an exhaust leak is a gas pedal vibration. Most leaks will cause a vibration that is felt in the gas pedal but some leaks can result in a shaking or vibrating steering wheel as well. The strange sensation will most likely be noticed the most during rapid acceleration, but many leaks will produce a regular vibration. Really bad leaks may cause the entire vehicle to rattle.

Loud Engine Noise

One of the first signs of trouble you will likely notice if there is an exhaust leak is a rumbling noise coming from under the hood. The noise will be loudest during acceleration as the higher engine speeds will generate more exhaust. As it escapes through the hole in the system it will produce the loud noise. The most likely locations for an exhaust leak include the exhaust manifold and any connecting points in the exhaust system.

If you suspect an exhaust leak don't delay having a mechanic check it out, for your own sake! For professional exhaust repair in Corona head to Precision Import Auto Repairs. We specialize in European auto repair and maintenance but service most import and domestic makes and models at our full service Corona auto repair shop. Give us a call at (951) 734-0795 to make an appointment today!

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