4 Common Causes of a Failed Emissions Test

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4 Common Causes of a Failed Emissions Test

The emissions laws in California are some of the most stringent throughout the US, if not the world. While this is great for our environment is often means that even the slightest errors in our vehicles' emissions system results in the car not passing its bi-annual exam. Fortunately many of the most common emissions control problems are relatively simple fixes. If your vehicle has failed an emissions test don't stress about some absurd repair, there is a good chance it will can be fixed at a relatively affordable price.

Faulty O2 Sensor

A failing oxygen sensor will not be able to properly monitor exhaust fumes in order to help calculate the correct air-fuel mixture to keep the car running right. Not only will a bad sensor lead to a failed emissions test it can also cause overheating, poor acceleration or a loss of engine power.

Rich Fuel Mix

The major pollutant produced by gas burning vehicles is carbon monoxide. If your vehicle is burning too much gasoline, which is called running rich, it will create an increase in this harmful gas and cause the car to fail the test. This issue is often associated with a bad mass air flow sensor.

Bad EVAP System

One of the most common problems that results in a failed test is actually a very simple fix. The Evaporative Emission Control System, or EVAP, prevents gasoline vapors from evaporating and being released into the air but it won't be able to do its job if your car suffers from a broken, cracked or loose gas cap!

Incorrect Fuel Metering

Your vehicle is constantly monitoring fuel fuel use in order to ensure the engine is running smooth. If the fuel injection unit or computerized engine control fails the monitoring will be incorrect which often leads to an excessive amount of fuel use resulting in a failed emissions test.

If your vehicle has failed an emissions test it will need to be serviced by a California smog certified auto repair center before it is retested. For emissions testing or emissions repairs in Corona bring your import or domestic vehicle to Precision Import Auto Repairs. Our friendly, highly skilled team of technicians is here to help keep your car healthy! Call us at (951) 734-0795 to schedule an appointment today!

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