Tips to Find a European Auto Repair Shop You can Trust

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Tips to Find a European Auto Repair Shop You can Trust

Googling European auto repair will bring up a wide array of auto repair shops that claim they are experts when it comes to BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes and other fine vehicles from across the pond, but a quick look at their reviews may reveal that many auto owners disagree. In order to find a great European auto repair shop follow these steps so you can ensure you're getting the service your vehicle requires.

Get Referrals

Ask friends and family members that also drive a European vehicle to find out where they have their car serviced. Ask about the customer service they received and about how their car was treated. A positive personal referral will get you a long ways in your search for a good shop.

Check Online Reviews

A great second step or even a starting point if you don't know anyone that drives a car similar to yours is to search for local European auto repair shop and read through reviews. Personal experiences will speak volumes about a shop's ability.

Call Around

After finding a few potential shops give them a ring to inquire about their pricing and services. As you speak with them note their customer service ability. Do you feel as if you're being treated warmly? If they give you a moment ask about their certifications and ownership. A locally owned or auto shop is more likely to offer fair prices and work with you to get the repairs you need completed at a fair price.

Visit the Auto Shop

Once you believe you've found the perfect shop you should visit the premises and speak with an auto technician onsite. This will give you an opportunity to evaluate the shop, noting its cleanliness and organization. The cleanliness of a shop should tell you a lot about the care they take in their business.

After searching for the perfect European auto repair shop in Corona you're likely to end up at Precision Import Auto Repairs. We specialize in European vehicle service, but we are happy to conduct auto maintenance and repairs on all makes and models of vehicles. When your BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Volvo or other vehicle needs auto maintenance in Corona call Precision Import Auto Repairs at (951) 734-0795 to schedule an appointment today!

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