4 Signs it's Time for Starter Repair

4 Signs it's Time for Starter Repair

4 Signs it's Time for Starter RepairYour car is a complex machine that has numerous systems that work together in order to get you where you want to go. One of the most intricate of these is the starting system, which utilizes parts that include the battery, spark plugs, ignition and starter. The starter is designed to get the motor pumping by engaging its high speed spinning pinion gear with the flywheel. This in turn moves the pistons up and down to generate the compression necessary to combust the air and fuel mixture with the spark of the spark plug. If the starter is unable to operate you're not going anywhere. If you experience any of these issues and your car is hard to start or won't start you can bet on the starter motor as being the root cause of the trouble.

Loud Clicking Noise

When you turn the key in the ignition your vehicle should start up almost instantaneously. If instead you hear a loud click or series of clicks there's a good chance that the starter is receiving the electrical current it needs in order to engage and actuate, but it is likely there is a mechanical failure of the starter motor or solenoid that is preventing the pinion gear from spinning.

Whirring Noises

If the pinion gear is unable to engage with the flywheel in order to spin the motor you will hear a whirring or swishing noise. This is the sound of the starter motor spinning at high speeds by itself. This usually means that the starter is not able to actuate the pinion gear far enough or at all in order to make contact with the flywheel. This problem will probably require starter motor replacement.

Buzzing Sound

If you hear a constant buzzing noise when you turn the key and the engine won't turn over there's likely a weak flow of electrical current to the starter. The issue is often caused by a weak battery or poor connections or corrosion on the electrical circuit of the starting system.

Grinding Sound

A flywheel or pinion gear with worn or missing gear teeth will cause a grinding noise as the two cogs try and interact. Because of the broken gears the parts will clash, which will likely prevent the motor from being able to start. Another probable reason you may hear a grinding noise is if the mounting bolts that hold the starter motor in place become loose. This would allow it to rattle around when activated.

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