Is your Car Ready for Summer Road Trips?

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Is your Car Ready for Summer Road Trips?

Is your Car Ready for Summer Road Trips?Summertime is often when people head out on long road trips. While these trips can be extremely fun, they may also take a toll on your vehicle. The extra mileage can add up quick as you travel across the country. If you're planning on hitting the highway for a summer getaway be sure to complete a few maintenance items to ensure your car is ready for the challenge.

Tires Inflated

Underinflated tires can result in decreased fuel economy. If the tires aren't pumped up to the proper psi it will increase the footprint of the rubber, which makes the tires harder to turn. This means the engine has to work harder. You should also check to ensure that they have good tread and that no cracking is appearing in the sidewalls.

Air Filter Checked

A dirty air filter can also cause a drop in fuel economy. This is because air is required for a proper running engine and if not enough air can mix with the gasoline, the vehicle will compensate by burning excess fuel.

Fuel Filter Checked

If the fuel filter is clogged or dirty it will result in a rough running engine. This could causing a poor idle, hard starting or even stalling. To ensure you don't run into any of these issues on your trip check the fuel filter before taking off.

Oil Changed

Fresh oil is necessary to keep the motor lubricated. If you haven't had your oil changed recently it would be wise to do so before your departure, especially if you're planning a rather long trip. Most vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Windshield Wipers & Lights

On road trips you are likely to drive day and night and regularly encounter unpredicted weather, such as rain. Be sure that your wipers and and all lights are in good condition to ensure safe travels.

If you are planning a road trip and need pre-trip auto maintenance in Corona or the surrounding California communities head to Precision Import Auto Repairs. Our expert technicians will ensure that your vehicle is ready to go the distance by completing professional auto maintenance and any necessary repairs. Give us a call at (951) 734-0795 to request quality auto maintenance in Corona, CA, today!

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