7 Services to Extend the Life of Your Car

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7 Services to Extend the Life of Your Car

7 Services to Extend the Life of Your CarIs your car up to date with auto maintenance? Are you sure? It takes more than oil changes to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. The following are seven services that are sure to help extend the life of your car and keep it driving its very best in terms of both safety and performance. Check your owner's manual to see when your car is due for service then make an appointment with your local auto maintenance shop for expert service.

Power Steering Service

Power steering systems generally use a specialized fluid to help make turning the vehicle easy. If you do not conduct a power steering flush this fluid will become contaminated as it ages, which will cause damage to critical components of the power steering system.

Differential Service

The differential is what transfers input from the transmission to the wheels, making them spin. It uses special gear oil that needs to be changed at certain mileage intervals. If it is not changed lubrication will be lost, resulting in damage to the gears inside the differential.

Wheel Alignment

A run in with a curb, a small collision, or a bad bounce over a pothole can throw off your vehicle's alignment. This can cause numerous issues for your car. Not only will it make it drift, which is a serious safety concern, but it will result in your vehicle's tires wearing prematurely.

Timing Belt Replacement

Never put off timing belt replacements, as doing so can result in massive engine damage. Check your owner's manual to see when your car should have its timing belt replaced.

Transmission Service

Another mandatory service for your vehicle is transmission service. During this service the transmission fluid will be drained, the transmission pan will be removed and cleaned, the filter (if applicable) will be cleaned or replaced, and all will be reassembled with a new pan gasket and fresh fluid.

Fuel System Service

Cleaning out the fuel system will ensure your vehicle is running a proper air fuel mix. Fuel service generally includes cleaning the fuel injectors using a special additive.

Coolant Flush

To prevent your engine from suffering heat damage it is crucial that you complete cooling system and radiator service as necessary, which is also dictated in your vehicle's owner's manual.

If your car is in need of any sort of auto maintenance in Corona head to Precision Import Auto Repairs. We service all makes and models from across Europe and Asia, as well as domestics, at our auto maintenance shop. Give us a call at (951) 734-0795 to schedule expert auto maintenance in Corona today.

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