If this happens, get to the shop for brake repair immediately

If this happens, get to the shop for brake repair immediately

If this happens, get to the shop for brake repair immediatelyIt's impossible to disagree that the brakes on your vehicle are crucial to the overall safety of your commute, and the commute of those you share the road with. It would be downright negligent if you experienced signs of brake trouble and didn't visit a repair shop at your earliest convenience. To ensure that you are never behind the wheel of a car at risk of brake failure, head to the shop immediately if you notice any of these common signs of a braking problem.

Grinding Noise While Braking

The most common sign that it's time for new brake pads is a grinding or squealing noise that occurs during braking. This is the sound of metal grinding on metal, which is really the brake pad frame hitting the rotor or drum.

ABS Dashboard Light

As with any indicator light that comes on, you'll want to visit your prefered auto shop in order to have proper diagnostics run as soon as possible. The sensors in the braking system can identify problems as soon as they begin, so it's best to have them repaired when the problem is still so small you can't even tell it exists yourself.

Spongy Brake Pedal

A brake pedal that rests closer to the floor than it previously did or is easily pushed to the floor means the brake system may be suffering from a dangerous brake fluid leak. Leaks often occur from the brake master cylinder or an individual wheel cylinders. Make an appointment for brake repair right away.

Vibrations from Brake Pedal

If the brake pedal begins to vibrate when you push it there may be an issue with the rotor's surface. If the rotor is no longer smooth, which can happen under general driving conditions, it reduces the surface area available to the brake pads to create the necessary friction to stop the car in a safe amount of time.

Pulling when Braking

A car or truck that pulls to the side during braking is most likely suffering from uneven brake pad wear. However, this dangerous scenario can also be caused by contaminated brake fluid or a malfunctioning wheel cylinder.

Never put off brake repairs as this system is crucial for a safe vehicle. To make an appointment for expert brake repair in Corona reach out to Precision Import Auto Repairs. Our team of auto repair experts will ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive when it leaves our shop. Give us a call at (951) 338-9463 to request quality auto repair in Corona today.

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