Is it Time for Exhaust Repair?

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Is it Time for Exhaust Repair?

Is it Time for Exhaust Repair?The exhaust system is one of the hardest worked systems in a car, even though it has no moving parts of its own. The exhaust system consists of pipes that remove harmful fumes from the engine, routing them past the passenger cabin, increasing engine performance and gas mileage, as well as reducing engine noise. The system also converts hazardous gases into less harmful emissions. It is important to maintain or repair your car's exhaust system as necessary to ensure your car is running at peak performance. Here are three common signs of exhaust system trouble.

Increased Engine Volume

One of the most obvious signs your exhaust system is malfunctioning is increased engine noise in the cabin. A deep or loud rumbling sound coming from your car generally means there is a leak in the system, which can be harmful to your health as well as the car's! The sound will be most noticeable during rapid acceleration.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

If you find yourself filling up the gas tank more often than usual, it could be the sign of an exhaust leak. A leak in the exhaust system will often result in misreadings by the oxygen sensor. If the sensor detects high levels of oxygen it will misinterpret this as a need to burn additional gasoline. This means your car could suffer leaks that cause a decrease in fuel efficiency by as much as 25 percent.


If you notice a strange vibration coming from your car if may be caused by an exhaust leak. You might notice the vibration when you put your foot on the gas pedal or when you touch the steering wheel, depending on how bad the leak is. Take your car to a shop to ensure your car is running correctly and safely if you notice any odd vibration or shaking sensation.

Your exhaust system keeps you and your car healthy, so be kind to it as well. If you believe you need exhaust repair in Corona visit the pros at Precision Tune Auto Repair. Our team of qualified auto repair technicians will identify and repair any exhaust leak or other problem that can cause harm to you and your car. At the first sign of trouble give us a call at (951) 734-0795 to schedule an appointment for quality auto repair in Corona today.

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