Is it Time for Radiator Repair?

Is it Time for Radiator Repair?

Is it Time for Radiator Repair?Within moments of turning on your car the engine is operating at extreme temperatures. If it was not for the cooling system the engine would in fact melt itself. The current system, which includes the radiator, cooling fan, thermostat and other parts, is integral to the operation of the vehicle. If you notice any of these signs of cooling system or radiator trouble be sure to visit the auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Rising Temperature Gauge

One of the first things you may notice if your car is beginning to overheat due to a failed cooling system is a rising engine temperature gauge on your dashboard. If the gauge begins to point to the hot zone pull over as soon as possible to avoid possible engine damage. As the car cools reach out to your auto shop to explain the exact situation to see if you should drive your car to the shop, or have it towed.

Steaming Hood

If you miss the rising temperature gauge the next thing you'll likely encounter is white steam coming out from under the hood. This is a clear indication that your car's engine is overheating. As soon as it is safe and legal to do so pull over and contact your preferred technician.

Low Coolant Levels

It is smart to regularly check your vehicle's fluid levels, this includes the coolant. You should only check the coolant level when the engine is cold so you do not put yourself at risk of a burn. If it is found that the coolant reservoir is low it is probable that you will also encounter one of the following two issues.

White Exhaust Smoke

Should the vehicle be suffering from an internal coolant leak it is probable that it will begin to create white exhaust smoke. This is an indication that coolant is being burnt up inside the combustion chamber of the engine. Unfortunately, this may indicate a need for more extensive engine repair, but a technician will be able to run proper diagnostics to find the root cause.

Visible Coolant Leak

Coolant is generally bright green in color and have a sweet maple syrup smell to it. Should you find a fluid under your car that matches this description when you have just discovered a coolant leak. Operating the vehicle with low coolant levels can lead to overheating and engine damage.

Be sure to visit the auto shop If you experience any of these signs of cooling system troubles so that you don't end up with a heat damaged engine. For expert cooling system and radiator repair in Corona visit Precision Import Auto Repairs. Our professional auto repair techs will quickly identify the root of the trouble and get you on your way fast. Give us a call at (951) 338-9463 to schedule quality auto repair in Corona for any make and model today.

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