Simple Driving Tips & Auto Maintenance Tips to Restore Fuel Efficiency

Simple Driving Tips & Auto Maintenance Tips to Restore Fuel Efficiency

Simple Driving Tips & Auto Maintenance Tips to Restore Fuel EfficiencyWe all know that the price of gas is never a stable thing, but if we can control anything related to gas, it should be how your car uses it. There are a few simple things that you can do to increase, or at least restore, your car or truck's MPGs. Some of these ideas are simple auto maintenance which might require the help of a technician, while others are things you can do from behind the wheel. To learn more about the ways you can increase MPGs, read on.

Tire inflation

Tires that aren't properly inflated can drastically reduce your vehicle's miles per gallon because the engine needs to work harder in order to get the low tires to turn. Every tire will have a PSI rating, which stands for pounds per square inch, the measurement for air pressure. Take your car to a service center to have them properly filled if they look a little low.

Reduce weight

If you are carrying unnecessary objects that add a great deal of weight to your vehicle, unload them! Extra weight causes your car's engine to work harder to produce the same amount of power.

New air filter

Your car burns a mix of gas and oxygen to power the engine. If the airflow is blocked then your vehicle will compensate by burning additional gas, which is called running rich. Not only is running rich a giant waste of fuel, it can cause additional damage to your car's motor.

Replace the spark plugs

Internal combustion engines, like the one in your gas powered vehicle, use spark plugs to create tiny explosions that pump the pistons up and down. The electrical charge from the spark plug ignites the air and gas mixture, but a dirty or corroded spark plug can cause misfires, which results in a wasted gas.

Avoid long idles

When you turn your vehicle on it should be ready to go within a matter of seconds. If your vehicle requires more than a minute to warm, aside from defrosting windows, there is generally a larger problem at hand. Remember, when you are idling in your car you are getting exactly zero miles per gallon.

If your vehicle is not getting the MPGs it used to be sure to visit a local mechanic who can figure out why! If your car is due for restorative auto maintenance in Corona head to Precision Import Auto Repairs. Our team of professional auto maintenance and repair techs will gladly help you return your vehicle to prime condition. Give us a call at (951) 338-9463 to schedule expert auto maintenance in Corona today.

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