Why are Oil Changes Necessary so Often?

Why are Oil Changes Necessary so Often?

Why are Oil Changes Necessary so Often?You may think having to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles or so is a hassle, but it's a must do for your car. Fresh oil is needed to prevent harsh engine damage that would result in a need for massive repairs. The next time you think you can go another thousand miles or so, think again. Here are four reasons to get your car's oil changed on time, every time. Check your owner's manual to see exactly how often your vehicle needs this engine-saving service.

Cleans out the engine

As oil circulates through the engine it picks up dirt, dust and other contaminants that has made its way inside. This causes the motor oil to turn into a sludge like substance that hinders the operational capabilities of the motor. Thankfully, the oil change process allows for all this gunk to be removed from the motor.

During an oil change the old oil is removed, bringing with it all of the nasty, built up contaminants. The oil filter is also replaced, which allows for the new oil to travel through the engine easier. A clogged filter can reduce oil flow, which will result in unwanted metal on metal friction.

Restores performance & MPGs

Since the dirty oil is removed from the engine it allows the motor to operate at full capacity. This means faster response time and better fuel efficiency. That gunky oil really hurts the interior of the engine.

Keeps everything properly lubricated

The most important reason to never skip or delay oil changes is so that the engine remains properly lubricated. With dirty oil or low oil levels the moving parts of the motor's interior will rub together. This will result in harsh friction that can cause excessive wear and tear inside the motor, leading to a need for extensive and expensive engine repair.

Gives a technician a chance to look over the vehicle

Another reason to get your oil changed on time and at a reputable auto maintenance facility is so that a technician can take a peek at your vehicle while conducting the oil change. In many cases they may spot a need for a new filter or replacing a burnt out light bulb.

Oil changes are critical for all makes and models. If you need an oil change in Corona for your foreign or domestic car, truck or SUV head to Precision Import Auto Repair. Our auto maintenance experts will ensure your car is running great when it leaves our facility. To learn more, or to request an appointment for expert auto maintenance in Corona give us a call at (951) 338-9463 today.

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