Why do European Vehicles have so many Computers?

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Why do European Vehicles have so many Computers?

Why do European Vehicles have so many Computers?Modern automobiles are quite amazing. Their ability to interact with their drivers and other devices such as cell phones and laptops has made the driving experience incredibly comfortable, fun and easy. For all of this to take place though there are numerous microprocessors, sensors and other computers placed throughout the vehicle. These electronics are used for a number of reasons, but each one serves a direct purpose. While some may be used to operate optional accessories, others are part of important safety systems. Here are three reasons why your car uses computers.

Safety Systems

One of the most important things about modern technology is that it allows for the development of safer vehicles. Microprocessors and sensors are used in just about all safety features of your vehicle, allowing them to be activated in a fraction of a second, to ensure your journey is as safe as possible. Some of the common computer assisted safety systems include assisted braking and ABS brake systems and deployment of airbags the instant a collision happens. While it may be hard to detect a problem with these systems if there is not an emergency always be on the lookout for dashboard indicator lights that come on. These lights, including the airbag light and check engine light, may be informing you of an issue with these systems and it is important to have them serviced before it's too late.

Better Performance

Sensors are used throughout the car to ensure max power and fuel economy under all driving conditions. The Mass Air Flow Sensor and Oxygen Sensor are important parts, helping to regulate the amount of fuel being used.The EVAP system prevents fuel from evaporating. If these and/or other sensors were to fail there is a good chance the check engine light will come on.

Exceptional Comfort

Many of the computers used in today's cars and trucks, especially modern European luxury vehicles, are used to power an accessory that increases driver and passenger comfort. These computers handle everything from climate control, navigation and bluetooth connectivity to your full on entertainment system. They also handle memory control features, such as seat and steering wheel adjustments that may differ between drivers of the same vehicles.

Computers are a wonderful feature for many systems in today's cars, but they can have their faults and may experience issues. If you need strong>computer diagnostics in Corona head to Precision Imports Auto Repairs. We utilize the latest technology to pinpoint problems with all cars and trucks, including the newest European vehicles. Come see us for all your needs regarding auto repair and maintenance. To schedule professional European auto repair in Corona give us a call at (951) 734-0795 today.

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